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Our garden will be open with the general public in 2017

from 28 may to 14 juillet

of Saturday at Thursday
of 10h to 18 h
closing on friday
For Groups (+ 15 persons) every day on appointmant.
Free or guided visit.
Entrance free : 6,50 euros for anyone

over16 For groups, please contact us Tél 02/31/67/34/09
Mail: roses-fieffes@orange.fr






La Maculée
Emily Gray
Mme Ernest Levavasseur
Welcome in Normandy and in the garden.....











The picture (above) shows the metal pavilion built in 1994 and originaly planted, on the advice of André Eve, with six differentroses varieties that would guarentee a complete cover. Ten years later, climbing Ena Harkness and Mme Isaac Péreire have died, and Paul's Himalayan Musqk is stifking the two survivors: Claire Jacquier and Alchemist. Five clematis plants are, with considerable dificulty threading their way through  the tangle, wich has to be cut back very firmly ofter flowering so that we can get in underneath.
It is a shame that internet surfers cannot smell the amazing scent that comes from these roses. Imagine having tea, this very aftrernoon, underneath this floral canopy.....

How to find us:

Michelin Map of Normandie n° 231 page 28
The garden's co-ordinates,for visitors with GPS, are:
West 0.46,1904
and North 48.55,7683




For the poetically-minded our garden is the quintessence ofthe Norman countryside.

A romantic place to wander among English-style floxerbeds, where sometimes you actually have to push your way past overhanging flowers.

It is a mass of colours, shapes and scents that never cease to give pleasure.

Number-crunchers, on the other hand, can sum it all up in figures: more than200 variety irises-bearded, intermediate, species, spurias, and water-irises;
some 60 paeonies, both, herbaceous and shruby;
about 100 hydrangeas.

And , on the top of all those figures, lots of rare summer-flowering schrubs, pictures of wich can be found on this web





Céline Forestier
Li Jiang Rose
Betty Prior
Erinnerung an Brod